The Pianist

Meet the Indonesia young and talented Pianist Jonathan Kuo

Jonathan’s Dream

The wunderkind age of 16 keeps practicing four to five hours a day, and he is a homeschool for his dedication to the piano and to reach his dream which is to be a world class pianist.

Jonathan’s Coach on His Tune

His ability on piano is getting sharper. Many people can play piano, but the sound produced by Jonathan is very special. There are not many people who can play in that manner, ” said Iswargia R Sudarno.

Jonathan’s Performance.

Jonathan has been playing and perform in many occasions, the latest ones such as Invitation to the Dance, Vienna at the turn of the 19th Century and Recital Solo.

Jonathan in daily life


Though looks serious when he’s playing piano, Jonathan is just like a common kid at his age. He gets excited when he is watching a soccer match on TV and he does listen to pop songs.

“till this day, as his mother, I only can support and pray for him to reach his dream to be a world-class classical pianist,” added Jonathan’s mom.


1st place winner

Chopin International Piano Competition in Thailand (2015).

1st place winner

Bima Kawai National Piano Competition (2013)

2nd place winner

Chopin International Piano Competition in Malaysia (2010)

Achievement around the globe for Jonathan