Indonesia Pianist

Jonathan Kuo
The Pianist

Young Steinway Artist Prize Winners of:
Virginia Waring International Piano Competition
Chopin ASEAN & Thailand International Piano Competition

Learning piano since seven years of age, Jonathan Kuo Pianist Indonesia has achieved remarkable footprints both national & internationals.

Since playing piano from Iswargia R Sudarno, Jonathan has gotten fonder of classical music and has a dream to be a world-class pianist

Young & Talented

Jonathan has a musical talent. He has a good musicality. His improvisation skills are extremely good


Jonathan learned from the best and keep learning from them, performed in many countries and won several competitions


1st place winner Bima Kawai National Piano Competition (2013), 1st place winner Chopin International Piano Competition in Thailand (2015).

A brief on Jonathan

Iswargia R Sudarno

“He is very disciplined and smart, for example in Invitation to The Dance concert, the arrangements that need to be played are extremely difficult and commonly played by professionals, but Jonathan who’s still 16 years old can play those well”

Recent & Upcoming Concerts

14 October 2023

The Journey of Sonatas

Piano Solo Recital


18.30 Vietnam

Crescent Mall

1 March 2024

An Evening with Rachmaninoff

Jonathan Kuo | Congyu Wang


19.30 Singapore

Victoria Concert Hall

30 September 2023

Jonathan Kuo in Recital

Jonathan Kuo


17.30 WIB

Jakarta Conservatory of Music

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